Most Authentic Ramen in New York City:

Please enjoy the below curated list of Authentic Japanese Ramen in NYC.

Ramen that is not authentic (i.e., what NY resident Japanese would not expect to find back home) are not included. It's like "California Rolls" or other fancy "Special Roll" sushi.. it's not authentic. It doesn't make me homesick, and it's not what I crave.
It might be good, it might be fancy, it might be ... whatever it is, it ain't authentic Japanese Ramen.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ok this one's not really in NYC - but it's good, and it's close.

Santoka is inside Mitsuwa Market, in Edgewater NJ. Worth stopping by, if you're in the area.


1596 3rd Ave, Btwn 89/90th
(212) 289-7803

Kinda reminds me of Rai Rai Ken, in looks. A small place, few seats, Ramen-at-the-Bar.
But the ramen was much better than Rai Rai Ken.